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Inspection by underwater robot

Remotely operated underwater robots are an invaluable resource for both inspections and light underwater work. UW-Tech has specialized in robotics since its foundation. We now have a fleet of robots of various sizes, complemented by ROV cables extending up to 7,500 meters.

The ROV (Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle) is a remotely operated underwater robot, ideal for inspections and simple jobs where divers cannot or should not be used. We carry out inspections of everything from pipelines and tunnel structures to underwater cables and fixed installations.

Our robots are equipped with 2D real-time sonar, gripping claws and high-resolution dual cameras – with up to 4K resolution. All data is sent to our control room, where we can monitor the inspection in real time. The results, photographed with sonar technology, are delivered as measurable 3D models.

With an ROV cable length up to 7,500 meters, we have robots to suit all types of projects.

Choose UW-Tech for reliable and accurate underwater inspections.

UW-tech undervattensrobot arbetar med
About our underwater robots:
2D real-time sonar
Dual cameras
Up to 4K resolution
Follow in real time
Sonar delivered as 3D models
Up to 7 500 m of cable

It is easy to monitor and control what is being inspected via screens.

– Jonas Hammarson, Fortum

Dykföretag Arbetar Med En Undervattensrobot
Dykföretag Arbetar Med En Undervattensrobot
Dykföretag Arbetar Med En Undervattensrobot Som Dyker
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