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Photogrammetry of underwater structures

UW-Tech is one of the few companies in Sweden that specializes in underwater photogrammetry. With our advanced underwater robot and photogrammetry technology, you get an extremely detailed and accurate mapping of your underwater structure. This also gives you a realistic visualization of what the structure would look like in a dry environment. Turn to us for precision in your underwater mapping.

UW-Tech is a market leader in photogrammetry, a technology we use both below and above the water surface. With our advanced underwater robots, we carry out inspections of sites where diving is unsuitable or risky, including tunnels, rock caverns, power plant dams and concrete structures. Our equipment enables surveys of tunnels extending up to seven kilometers.

Furthermore, our photogrammetry technology can detect and analyze cracking in concrete. We can measure the size, angle of inclination and exact position of the crack, facilitating effective repair. Turn to us for accurate and safe inspections.

Measurable 3D model for assessments

Using advanced underwater robots, we collect high-precision georeferenced data. This results in a textured and fully measurable 3D model, accurate down to the millimeter. The model can be examined from all possible views and angles, providing a comprehensive overview and serving as a robust basis for analysis and assessment.

Dykföretag arbetar med undervattensfotogrammetri
We report and deliver:
High resolution measurable 3D OBJ model
High resolution point cloud in any ASCII format, such as XYZ or PTS
High-resolution measurable orthomosaics
Written report and calibration protocol

I have received the documentation after the project was completed without any problems with fast delivery on all jobs

– Linus Rytter, Project Manager Bilfinger

Dykföretag Arbetar Med Undervattensfotogrammetri
Dykföretag Arbetar Med Undervattensfotogrammetri
Dykföretag Arbetar Med Undervattensfotogrammetri
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