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Suction dredging

UW-Tech specializes in a variety of suction dredging methods.

Handling of suction dredged material:

  • Geobags: Here the material is pumped into large cushions with the addition of suitable polymers. The material is effectively dewatered inside the cushions.
  • Centrifugation: A rapid rotating motion squeezes the liquid out of the material.
  • Back-suction: The material can, if possible, be sucked back into original sources such as sewage systems or ponds.

Methods of dredging:

  • Construction divers: Our certified divers extract the material directly from the sea or lake bed. This method is particularly effective and safe thanks to our specialized equipment for diving in contaminated environments.
  • Crawler robot: For tunnels and confined spaces, we use a crawler robot equipped with a suction hose, video and 2D sonar. No physical presence in the tunnel is needed.
  • Suction dredger: For larger areas, use our advanced suction dredger.
  • Wire rope pontoon: Ideal for dredging in shallow water areas.

Protection methods:

  • Environmental Curtain/Silt Curtain: We always establish an environmental curtain around the dredging area to minimize the environmental impact.

As a leading diving company in marine surveying and dredging, including construction divers and heavy divers, UW-Tech ensures safe and efficient dredging. Hire us for your next project!

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Uw-Tech is reliable and truly professional

– Bo Berglund, One-Nordic
Head of department and project portfolio manager towards Fortum.

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