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Ikon För Dykarbeten Av UW-Tech

UW-Tech’s site divers and heavy divers are specialized in a wide range of diving services. We offer everything from minor repairs to extensive projects in construction and heavy diving. Safety and quality are always in focus for us, a leading diving company. Read more →

Icon För Sjömätning Av UW-Tech
Nautical surveying

UW-Tech is your expert in marine measurement and visualization of underwater conditions. We use advanced 3D Multibeam sonar technology to collect high-resolution data, resulting in a detailed and accurate 3D model of the seabed. Read more →

Ikon För Sugmuddring Av UW-Tech
Suction dredging

UW-Tech is an expert in dredging, including suction dredging, and particularly specializes in the treatment of contaminated masses and sewage discharges. We perform a variety of dredging and suction dredging methods to suit your project. Read more →

Ikon För Undervattensrobot Av UW-Tech
Inspection by underwater robot

Remotely operated underwater robots (ROVs) are indispensable for inspections and underwater work. Since our inception, UW-Tech has continuously worked with ROVs. We now have an extensive fleet of robots of all sizes, equipped with ROV cables that reach up to 7,500 meters.
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Ikon För Undervattensfotogrammetri Av UW-Tech
Underwater photogrammetry

UW-Tech is one of the few players in Sweden offering georeferenced, measurable 3D underwater photogrammetry. We use underwater robots and advanced photogrammetry techniques to create detailed maps of underwater structures. We deliver data in several different file formats, elevation systems and coordinate systems to easily integrate with your workflow.
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Ikon För 3d-scanning Av UW-Tech
3D scanning of water-filled tunnels

UW-Tech specializes in 3D scanning of water-filled rock tunnels and caverns, with the capacity to survey up to seven kilometers in length. Using underwater robots and advanced scanning methods, we deliver detailed 3D models of the desired area.
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