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Sea bed mapping with Norbit 3D multibeam sonar

UW-Tech is an expert in marine surveying and visualization of underwater environments. Using advanced multibeam sonar, we collect high-resolution data, which is then transformed into a detailed 3D model of the seabed. Turn to us for accurate and reliable surveys of seabed conditions.

For projects that require an accurate depth map of the seabed or mapping of marine structures, UW-Tech offers full marine surveying services using multibeam sonar. Our 3D visualizations are delivered with high detail and accurate depth information. All our surveying activities are carried out in accordance with the current guidelines of the Swedish Transport Agency and the Swedish Maritime Administration, including FSIS-44 (IHO S-44).

Contact us for accurate and precise marine surveys!

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With our marine surveying we deliver:
Georeferenced point cloud in desired format
Georeferenced digital elevation model with contour lines
Contour map in DXF/shp format
Detailed written report
Specifications of standard marine measurement data:
Format: .xyz
Coordinate system: SWEREF99 TM
Height system: RH2000
The marine survey data can be provided in all known coordinate systems, height systems and file formats

Sometimes, as a project manager, I have to make quick decisions, and for me the choice of contractor is obvious

– Linus Rytter, Project Manager Bilfinger

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