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Safe diving

UW-Tech’s diving department handles a wide range of services, from minor repairs to large, complex projects. As a leading diving company, safety and quality are always our top priorities. With mobile dive buses, pontoons and boats as work platforms, we can quickly be on site to assist with your project, whether it’s dredging, marine surveying or construction diving. Turn to us for an efficient and reliable service!

With a wide range of experience in diving, UW-Tech’s diving department can perform a variety of underwater work. It includes everything from inspections, welding and casting to repairs, blasting, hydroforming and mold making. Our site divers and heavy divers are all trained and certified B divers, which is a prerequisite for carrying out diving work in Sweden. We ensure that we have the right equipment, the best skills and a thorough risk assessment for each mission.

Engage UW-Tech to guarantee a safe and high quality diving job!

Leader in heavy diving and underwater inspection

UW-Tech is a leader in heavy diving and underwater inspection in Sweden. With a diverse fleet of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and certified heavy divers, we offer customized solutions for all types of underwater projects. From minor repairs to major construction work, we always put safety and quality first.

Need reliable and accurate underwater inspection? UW-Tech uses advanced technologies such as 3D Multibeam sonar and underwater photogrammetry to ensure accurate and reliable results. Contact us today to discuss your next heavy diving and underwater inspection project.

Examples of diving missions
Water formation
Form building

Uw-Tech is committed to safety
and quality.

– Per Persson, Vattenrallarn AB

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