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The diving company with an eye on the situation

UW-Tech is a global diving company specialized in solving complex underwater challenges. With our skilled staff and safe equipment, combined with a sustainable approach, we take on projects all over the world. Our goal is not only to deliver the highest quality work, but also to continuously learn and have fun on the journey.

Janne Ås And Jonas Bosell
Dykare från ett dykföretag står på en båt
We take responsibility all the way

When it comes to underwater work, safety is our number one priority. That’s why we don’t compromise on equipment or staff skills. All our site divers and heavy divers are professionally trained with a B certificate and have a wide range of experience.

Before each mission, we carry out a thorough risk assessment and adapt equipment and working methods accordingly. During the work, we follow a methodical plan and continuously update our risk management to ensure a safe and efficient process.

We work in a sustainable way

UW-Tech is a diving company with a strong focus on sustainability, both environmental and social. We continuously strive to minimize our environmental and climate impact by using electric vehicles for transporting personnel and equipment, and by choosing environmentally friendly products in our underwater projects.

On the social front, we engage in volunteering as part of our efforts to make a positive contribution to society. Most recently, we participated in the renovation of the dental clinic at Mchukwi Hospital in Tanzania. With us, you get a partner who is committed to both safety and sustainability.

Dykföretag Har Möte
A growing company

Founded in 2017 by Jonas Bosell and Janne Ås, UW-Tech began as a vision to fill a growing need for robotic underwater inspections. Both founders, with backgrounds as divers and supervisors in large diving companies, recognized the potential and expanded the service offering beyond traditional diving work. Since then, UW-Tech has expanded rapidly, both in terms of staff and services.

Today we can proudly offer one of Sweden’s most comprehensive range of services for underwater work, while retaining the personal touch of a small company. With over 400 successfully completed projects, we have built a strong portfolio of satisfied clients and good references.

What it's like to work with us

At UW-Tech, we encourage continuous learning and skills development. Every day offers new challenges and opportunities to solve problems, making the work both flexible and stimulating. We value job satisfaction and make sure that every employee can develop their own drive and passion. If you are interested in a workplace where your skills are continuously developed, feel free to contact us!

Contact us

+23 664 20 01 (Switchboard)

+46 73 810 90 86 (Jonas)
+46 70 394 57 67 (Janne)

Uw-Tech AB


Sturegatan 36, 791 62 Falun

Kungsgatan 9, 11143 Stockholm

Workshop :

Västermalmsvägen 3, 791 77 Falun

Åberget 116, 882 91 Långsele
Getared 126, 523 98 Hökerum
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