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3D scanning - below and above the surface

UW-Tech is a leading diving company specializing in 3D scanning of water-filled rock tunnels and caverns. We use advanced underwater robots to carry out accurate sea surveys, up to seven kilometers. With our expertise in various technologies, we deliver detailed 3D models of the specific area you wish to investigate.

We also offer laser scanning with LiDAR technology, ideal for measuring what is above the water surface. This enables a seamless integration between sea and land in a comprehensive 3D model. As an experienced marine survey dive company, we deliver the data from the 3D scan as a georeferenced point cloud. You get this in your preferred coordinate system and elevation system, and in the file format that suits your needs. In addition, we include a 3D surface model of the entire surveyed area.

Turn to UW-Tech for detailed and accurate 3D scans and marine surveys!

3D-scanning av vattenfyllda tunnlar
We deliver:
Georeferenced point cloud
Coordinate system as desired
Height system as desired
File format as desired
3D surface model of the entire tunnel

Good advice on appropriate inspections

– Jonas Hammarson, Fortum

3D-scanning Av Vattenfyllda Tunnlar
3D-scanning Av Vattenfyllda Tunnlar
3D-scanning Av Vattenfyllda Tunnlar
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