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We solve all problems under the surface

Uw-Tech inspects, maps and repairs everything below the water surface – with millimetre precision. No project is too small or too big for us. We work throughout the Nordic region. Need help with your plant? We will help you. Always with safety, sustainability and quality in focus. At the moment we employ about 20 people at Uw-Tech.

“UW-Tech works in a professional,
efficient and simple way.”

– Jonas Hammarson, Fortum

Om UW-Tech
About UW-Tech
The diving company with an eye on the situation

UW-Tech works worldwide to solve problems below the water’s surface. With skilled staff, safe equipment and a sustainable approach, we take on new challenges and continue to learn new things. Because we want to do a really good job – and have fun in the process.

Today, we have one of Sweden’s widest ranges of underwater work – even though we are still the smaller, more personal company. Over the years, we have carried out more than 400 assignments, and we are proud of our good references and satisfied clients.

Some of our customers
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Stora Enso
Stockholms Hamnar
Göteborgs Hamn
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